Adapt And Overcome

I remember watching the special features from the one of the LOTR films and the cast were talking about how the phrase ‘adapt and overcome’ had become like a motto for completing the films. Well, I think I’m going to need to steal it.

I have continued to complete the stretches my consultant asked me to and they have become less painful. This experience has opened my eyes to just how painful PT may end up being, so I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for that.

I’m also trying to find subtle changes I can make that enable me to still be me. One of these areas: fashion. I’m a 26year old woman and I used to like wearing a lot of shorts, skirts and dresses. Being totally honest, from the list above, I only have one piece of clothing in my wardrobe that goes down to my knee and that’s a dress I like to wear for weddings. Now this poses a problem for me as the skin colour change in my leg can be very prominent. I put on a dress and skin colour tights for work a few weeks a go and ended up crying. As a result, I’ve started to look into using camouflage makeup to help my leg look more ‘normal’. I’ve also bought some more expensive skin colour tights, which are meant to hide imperfections well. I’m hoping  a mix of both will mean that I will be able to wear what I want to again. The only concern I have is that no one  else on the internet seems to have tried camouflage makeup to hide the skin colouration change. It seems like such an obvious solution that I can’t be the first one to think of it. Perhaps I just haven’t searched properly.

Anyway, I hope it works. Being injured, having my independence taken away and having to be very careful about what I wear have all been challenging. But, with small changes to my wardrobe, I will be able to use my clothes as a way to express myself again soo.

‘Adapt and overcome.’


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